Monday, July 13, 2009

A Little Corny...I know...

Notes: At work, they were doing a redesign of the website. We basically needed some "stock-looking" photos of residents at the property. They opted to have me do it (cheap and quick), and we just hired in-house "models" from our CA group. We had a little fun with it...some of it we'll use at work, some of it we won't (like the shoe shot), but at least we had a lot of fun.

I know, the pictures are corny, and probably not the best, but I have to at least put them on here so I hopefully I can look back at it a year from now and see an improvement (self-satisfaction is one of the greatest feelings ever).

1 comment:

Daniel and Jessica said...

I like them, they are a LITTLE corny, but PROVO is just a little corny too, so it's perfect!