Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking and Rock Climbing

Getting ready to embark on the day.

My little sister...I was very impressed.

Brother-in-law Tim. Gained a lot of respect for him today. He was such a good teacher.

He was a bit tired.

Kaniela scaling the wall!

Becky and Coco

Becky (left) and Tim (right) scaling the wall!

Me and Kaniela...I love fall colors

Coco (that's my mom's nickname). What a sport!

Cea doing her thing!

What a fun day. There's just something about being outdoors! Notice that there are no pictures of me on the wall...Tim and Becky didn't have harness big enough.

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Chris, Carrie and Chloe Carlton said...

What a fun day! I used to love to climb, haven't done it for years though... Kani looks great! He's getting so big!